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That’s right! We are ready to go deal! Bring your stuff! Get cash today! Head west, and north of the city
to North Star Pawn, it’s the premiere pawn store of Wheeling. We offer a service that is family owned,
with historic low rates, and the best services in the greater Chicagoland area.

You got stuff of value you aren’t using? We’re sure you could always use some money! Bring in your
valued products you aren’t using for a cash offer. We buy everything from rings, to televisions, even
boats. We won’t send anyone down the river without a generous, competitive appraisal from our valued

We offer a great deal of services, including jewelry repair, and free evaluations of your products that you
want to pawn. And don’t worry, when evaluating your jewelry, we won’t be biting into your gold, but we
may ask to use a non-harmful acid test to see its value.

Cash today! That’s right, we know that money will talk, and we want our customers to walk, right into
our store for an offer. You could unload your unused electronics or unwanted jewelry for cash money

Pawning can be fun! We take our business seriously, but we have all seen the buzz around the pawn
industry with its growing popularity in television and pop culture. Truth is, we’ve known it’s a great
business to be in for generations! Getting rid of your stuff and getting money for it should be fun. Both
parties stand to gain from our exchanges. Just imagine all the things you could buy with a few extra
dollars, just by turning in a few things you maybe aren’t using as much as you thought you would.

What’s in our store? Plenty is in store for you at North Star Pawn, whether you want to get an offer, or
just see what is on the floor. If you want to wet your whistle on just a fraction of our products, you can
view them for auction on ebay.

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